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Massage in Arjan Plus Star Spa

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Our Services

What We’re Offering

Arabic massage alleviates stress and promotes a sense of well-being. Our professional therapists carefully release the pressure on stiff joints and relieve your muscular pain.

Experience the ancient art of Thai massage that restores balance and relieves tension through a combination of gentle stretches and acupressure points.

4 Hand massage involves two of our skilled therapists who with their great expertise help your muscles restore their actual strength and softness.

Our Moroccan Bath service brings out the best in your skin. It involves deep exfoliation and cleansing rituals that unveil your skin’s natural radiance.


Our therapists make sure that your hot stone massage takes away all your stress, soothes your muscles and restores harmony to your body and mind and make you relax.

Hot oil massage uses warm natural oils that are gentle on your skin and are proven to promote deep relaxation by taking away all your stress.


Our Aromatherapy massage elevates your senses with the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy combined with expert massage techniques, promoting relaxation.

Release persistent knots and tensions with a deep tissue massage that targets specific areas, making sure all your muscle tissues are in place 


Our couples massage lets you share the experience with your partner, side by side, as skilled therapists create a serene atmosphere for both of you to unwind and relax together.

Jacuzzi bath lets you relax in a serene environment with warm water and soothing jets. Our therapists make sure this experience releases all your stress and soothes your mind.

With the help of our Scrubbing service, your skin gets a glowing and natural look, leaving you refreshed and satisfied.So Come and join our plus star spa in Arjan Dubai.

Experience precise waxing with our professional techniques that ensure smooth and long-lasting results, leaving your skin feeling silky and soft.